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We offer a complete range of over 150 high-quality and long-lasting room fragrances. These are accompanied by metallic caps (collars) available in two sizes and colors (gold/silver), allowing you to transform any of our bottles (from 10 ml to 500 ml) into room fragrance diffusers. Also, we provide fiber sticks in two sizes to match your chosen composition.

  150 Room Fragrances
  2 Collar sizes
  2 Fiber stick sizes
  Bottles ranging from 10 ml to 500 ml

Room Fragrances

In our catalogs, you will find over 150 room fragrances of high quality and long-lasting scents. We have created this continuously growing collection with great care and passion to offer fragrances that suit various spaces and different times of the year.

We offer caps/collars in two sizes and colors, allowing you to transform any of the bottles from our collection into a home fragrance bottle. The color options are gold and silver, and when combined with the extensive range of bottles from 10ml to 500ml, you have the ability to create your own unique product, from an original party favor to setting the ambience  in a hotel.
Fiber Sticks 

The fiber sticks we offer are of top quality, with uniform absorption of the fragrance along their length and highly effective performance in the space. After relevant tests, we concluded that fiber sticks have up to 45% better performance compared to "traditional" bamboo sticks. You will find them in two sizes to create your own home fragrance.

Understanding that the needs of every space differ both in size and aesthetics, we offer a wide range of bottles in various sizes (from 10ml to 500ml) to meet every requirement.





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