<h2>Frarance type 1lt with 20% from 9,70€! </h2><p>Essence type 100gr from 3,20€</p> <h2>Glycerin soap without SLS from € 3.40 per kilo!</h2><p>Almond oil from 4.80€ per kilo!</p> <h2>Perfume vials of European origin</h2><p>30 ml from 0,097€ / 50 ml from 0,156€ / 100 ml from 0,299€!</p> <h2>Perfume Experts</h2><p>WHOLESALE TRADING OF FRAGRANCE RAW MATERIAL AND COSMETICS - COSMETIC PACKAGING MATERIALS</p> <h2>Air Fresheners with aromatic sticks</h2><p>Bottles with stopper and fiber sticks from 0,55 ∉</p>
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PERFUME EXPERTS is an importing and exporting company in Northern Greece that specifies in aromatic raw material and ingredients, as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles and containers. 

Our thinker is the best quality at the best price and that's why we searched for you and secured partnerships with the best foreign firms. With insistence on detail, we have created a full range of products to meet all your needs.


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